15 interesting alternatives for wedding rings

So, you recently proposed to the love of your life, and the wedding bells are starting to ring. You can’t wait to slip a ring on her finger on your wedding day. From now on, you know that rings are hallmarks of your marriage commitment. Although a ring has been a tradition since ancient times, it is not the only thing you can gift your lover. When choosing something other than a wedding ring, consider price, durability, and the message your gift conveys. It will make sense to get something your partner loves because you’ve known them long enough. Here are 15 interesting wedding ring alternatives that you can try to offer your partner.

15. Wedding Photo Books

What would a wedding be without photos? It would help if you had something to remember that special day, and the best way to do that is with a wedding photo book. Many websites seek to customize a good photo book for your wedding at a reasonable cost. This is the best alternative if you prefer not to wear a wedding band. Photo cards are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. You might not have a rough idea of ​​how to personalize one, so let your photos do the work for you. Get an online photo book once you choose the best photos from your gallery. However, be careful with cheap qualities which tend to lose their color. Alternatively, you can mount photos on a frame to display them around your home.

14. Tattoos

According to Thread Curve, a tattoo is a fantastic alternative to a wedding band because of its weight. You can tattoo your lover’s name anywhere on your body, but the best part is on your wedding ring finger. But if you don’t feel comfortable writing their names, you can incorporate a sign that you both know, such as a star, a rose, or a favorite pet. One of the questions you might ask yourself is; what if we broke up? There is a solution; nowadays, tattoos are not permanent. You can have it removed by laser treatment. However, you have the option of leaving it in place if you are concerned about undergoing the reversible treatment.

13. Matching bracelets or bangles

Sometimes putting on a wedding ring can keep you from doing things like cooking or doing routine household chores. While most rings are coated in corrosion-resistant materials, you can never be sure that the detergents your hands come into contact with could do the opposite. Instead of the endless hassle of wearing and taking off your wedding band every time you want to work, how about getting matching bracelets or bracelets? Both of these options are available in different designs and materials. We imagine you want to engrave each other’s names or wedding dates on it. Either way, bangles and bracelets are timeless alternatives to wedding rings. But if those two options aren’t to your taste, get some matching necklaces instead.

12. Engraved Wallet Cards

You use your wallet to store money or important documents, making it an everyday accessory and an alternative to a wedding ring. The best part about wallet cards is that they are available online and in stores. So if you don’t like wearing wedding rings, engraving your two wallets may be the best solution. One thing about engraved wallet cards is durable, mainly because they are made of metal. In addition, they are cut using lasers to display specific messages. Some wallet card personalization enthusiasts are masters in the art of writing messages on the front while the couple’s photos are on the back. You need a wallet card to see the message every time you open your wallet. The words on these cards don’t have to be quotes from famous people. Instead, you can use love language that you both understand so that you don’t feel lonely when you’re apart.

11. Silicone rings

According to BRIDES, silicone rings are the perfect substitute for metal wedding rings, especially if you’re allergic to them. They serve the same purpose as wedding bands, but they are flexible for the bride and groom who work with their hands. You won’t feel them on your wedding ring finger unless someone reminds you of them.

10. Matching nose rings

There’s something about matching nose rings that speaks volumes about spirituality. They trace their roots to India and other Asian countries to mark the beginning of married life. These countries value the institution of marriage and see it as a stepping stone for people to appreciate each other. So, if you are not afraid of a nose piercing, this is the best chance of getting one. In this case, it will be advisable to get matching nose rings to signify the spirit of your union.

9. Iconic Watches

You already know that phones have replaced watches, but what good would it do you if you can’t remind your partner that you love them? Like bracelets, matching signature watches are perfect accessories for a soon-to-be-married couple. Even if you have already bought a wedding band, buying a watch does not hurt. Plus, you don’t have to rob a bank to get one. They are available online, and just identify the one that suits your tastes. Also, it would be advisable to contact a seller willing to put your picture on the watch. Alternatively, engrave your wedding date on the watch to remind you of your loved one with every passing minute.

8. Printed Wallet Photos

According to Wedding Zest, printed wallet photos are the best alternative to wallet cards. It would be best if you had something to remind you of your partner every time you take out money or your photo ID from your wallet. You don’t have to put your wedding photo in your wallet. Instead, you can snap a photo stroking your favorite pet or holding a baby so your future partner can marvel at them.

7. Matching Phone Cases

A phone case protects your phone from the impact of a bad drop and makes it look beautiful. However, a phone case doesn’t have to be monotonous no matter what your intentions, as the wedding bells still ring. Personalizing one with your photos can be important if you’re tired of the standard phone case. You can order a personalized phone case online with your photos. It should remind you of your lover every time you pick up your phone to answer a call or browse the internet.

6. Cologne or perfume

Scientists have yet to find a justification for lovers to enjoy each other’s natural scents when in love. But what good will it do you when colognes and perfumes are available online? These two options are perfect alternatives to the natural pheromones of your future partner. The best thing about these products is that you can mix them together to create a signature scent. Therefore, visit your nearest local store to help you understand how to mix perfumes.

5. A family legacy

Some people are born lucky with heirlooms at their disposal. Could this be your grandmother’s wedding ring? If so, the only inconvenience you might face is resizing, repairing, or adding a new layer to the ring. According to The Frugal Gene, heirlooms carry a rich history about your lineage, which makes it nice to let your fiancé know a little about your inner self.

4. Matching pillowcases

Like phone cases, pillowcases can easily be customized to meet your couple’s goals. Now imagine that you are going to bed and the best thing you see is your lover’s photo or name on your pillowcase. We assume you treat your bedroom as your sanctuary, where you go when you want to relax. Because your fiancé is the next thing you appreciate, how about adding whatever reminds you on your pillowcase? You can also print your photo or name on the second pillowcase and present it as a gift to your lover.

3. Maturation wine

Sometimes all it takes is a good bottle of wine to remind you how much you love your partner. The best thing about wine is that it matures over time. However, this alternative to the alliance can only be used if they are also wine lovers. The reason for this surrogate is to select a unique brand of wine to mark your wedding year. You can buy about five bottles of wine so that each year you drink one each time you mark your birthday. Each time you mature in marriage, so does the wine. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose; wine remains wine.

2. A fruit tree

Are you an eco-conscious person who loves planting trees? Your engagement party should be the best time to put your skills to the test. Ideally, you might want to offer fruit to your partner, but what’s the point if he devours it the second you give it to them? planting a fruit tree is the permanent solution to keep them engaged. The good thing about trees is that they respond well to good treatment. So on your engagement day, how about having the tree planted in your future home so that when the flowers bloom and the fruits emerge, it will remind you of how strong and resilient your marriage will be.

1. Framed wishes

“I promise to love you for the richer or the poorer; sick and well” are the traditional wedding vows that every couple expects to proclaim on their wedding day. Yet these words can be blown away. So here’s the perfect opportunity to put the words in a frame, like a picture frame. Every time you walk into your home, a framed wish is the first thing you see.


Whether you’re allergic to rings or don’t want to use them as wedding signs, everything on this list is valid. Before deciding what gift to give your partner, first assess their preferences.

James B. Helms