Blake Shelton recalls Gwen Stefani’s moving wedding vows; Said ‘I’ll never forget this feeling’

In July, when Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani tied the knot at their gorgeous Oklahoma property, the couple wrote their own wishes for their special day. The beautiful ceremony to celebrate their union has been carefully planned down to the smallest detail and now Shelton is finally opening up to his favorite part of the nuptials. While chatting with People magazine, the country singer loved that nothing meant more to him than Stefani’s wishes. While Shelton sang the song “We Can Reach the Stars”, which he wrote for Stefani, she wrote something that took Shelton’s breath away.

Thinking back to Gwen’s wishes, the singer said: “What struck me was that she talked about my [late] brother and my father as if she had almost known them. She didn’t make it look that way, but it was like that when she talked about them. She said she wished they were there and what kind of men she thinks they must have been. Dude, that hit me. Like, I couldn’t believe how hard this hit me. I felt like at this point I was sort of callused. Guess I’m not because it absolutely killed me. It’s even hard to remember what else she said. I will never forget that feeling.

As for Shelton, he said he wanted to write a song for her because she would never have guessed that was the case. “For me, writing songs is like going to the dentist sometimes. So the fact that I did that, I think it was a complete shock to her.”

Describing his writing process for the song he sang in lieu of his vows, Shelton revealed that he knew the song was exactly what he wanted to sing to Stefani at their wedding. “It all turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. It’s just like ‘Wow, we did it. I have a song about my wife.’ It was so exciting for me. “

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James B. Helms