Bride removes ‘illness’ line from wedding vows – and some say it’s ‘despicable’

A bride refused to include the ‘sick’ line in her wedding vows because she ‘hates to take care of sick people’ – but some people say the decision is ‘despicable’

The bride says she ‘hates looking after the sick’ (stock photo)

Most of us are familiar with the classic Christian wedding vows in which the marrying couple declares that they will be there for each other in various circumstances – including for the richest, for the poorest and up. until death separates them.

But a bride-to-be has insisted there’s a line in the vows she won’t keep when she marries, as she refuses to feel pressured to look after her husband-to-be when he’s sick .

Posting on Reddit, the woman said she ‘hates caring for sick people’ and will therefore remove the ‘sick and healthy’ line from her vows – replacing it with ‘in happiness and health “.

In her post, she said: “It’s hard but I hate taking care of sick people. My siblings and I always took care of our parents whenever they got sick and I hate that.

The bride’s fiancé is angry at her change of vows (stock photo)


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“I’m sick of it and hate feeling tied down or obligated to care for someone. My life is full of moments and events like this and I want to finally live my life to the fullest.

“I will soon be getting married to my lovely partner and the best guy in the world. I am so lucky and happy to have him by my side.

“We thought about our wedding vows a bit. My fiancé is going to have a traditional Christian one:

‘” I, [husband’s name]take yourself, [my name]to be my married wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to be loved and cherished, until death separates us.

“I’m going to have an identical one but without the ‘in sickness’ part, I’ll replace it with ‘in happiness’.”

The woman then said her fiancé was furious when she told him her plan for her wedding vows, and is now “rethinking” if he actually wants to get married.

She added: “My fiancé says he won’t accept this and he’s very angry with me, he’s even rethinking the whole thing. I just don’t want to feel like I have to take care of someone who is sick for a while. years and only life, it’s so stressful and I think it’s very unreasonable right now, it’s just a wedding vow and I have a choice to change it.

And the bride-to-be then took to the Reddit post to add an edit in which she said she would happily take care of her husband if he had a cold or the flu, but she wouldn’t be willing to take it on. the pressure to care for him during a long-term illness.

“It depends on the illness, obviously. I’ll have no problem caring for someone who has a cold, flu or broken bones,” she explained, “however, if it’s chronic/serious and demands so much time and play (regimes, restrictions, special conditions, etc.) so no, I’ve had enough in my life.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were outraged by the woman’s statements, with many suggesting it would be better for her and her fiancé if they didn’t marry at all.

One person said: “The wording of wishes is not the problem. The problem is that you only want a partner if he is healthy and can do everything you want to do. But the truth of life is that we’re all going to get sick and, It’s an inevitable fact of life, and being someone’s life partner means dealing with that.

“You’re not ready to be someone’s life partner. And that’s okay! If you never want to take care of someone, don’t take the plunge.”

While another added: “You clearly don’t know what love is if you’re asking this question and besides you don’t love your fiancé and should let him find someone better. will take care of him not only in happiness but also through difficult times.

“You are despicable.”

And a third said: “You’re not ready to marry someone. If you want to live that type of life, marriage isn’t for you.”

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