Business trip to Tulsa ends with wedding vows for New York honeymooners

A group of New Yorkers came to Tulsa, starting their week with work and ending with wedding vows.

The bride said the couple could have gotten married in the Big Apple. However, due to courthouses closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they got married in Green Country instead.

Newlyweds Perla and Adam Piergallini said they made many memories and most unexpected new friendships during their trip.

The couple arrived at the Tulsa County Courthouse. In less than two hours, they planned a wedding and sent out Zoom invitations 30 minutes before the ceremony.

“A lot of women put a lot of time and energy into [into] planning their weddings and then it really becomes more about planning and things rather than what you’re really there to do, which is celebrate your love, “said Perla Piergallini.

Nicholas Coady is a friend of the bride and groom.

“You do what you can,” Coady said. “When it’s true love, you have to play your part.”

The wedding party searched for a location and landed on the Tulsa Rose Garden. Outfits for the wedding were found at Dillard.

A store employee turned out to be a deacon, giving advice to Coady and winning an invitation to the wedding as Witness # 2.

“It was just one of those rare things where you meet people and you kind of click,” Second Witness Doug Hartson said. “I am really very happy to have been able to be a part of it and delighted and honored to have been invited to do so.”

Witness number one, Michael Mintz, is the reason they landed in Tulsa. Mintz was also the wedding planner, master of ceremonies, and best man.

“By the way, I was a bridesmaid and the ring bearer,” Mintz said. “I was the bridesmaid. We needed one. I practiced lifting them up in the air. It was perfect.”

The wedding party said there had been incidents along the way, such as the temporary loss of napkin vows and tech issues, but it all came together when needed.

Their Uber driver, Miles, went up the altar and played classical music. Their server at the dinner reception was also the photographer.

“Basically I said, ‘Every morning when I wake up and I do it wrong, I spill that,’ I said, ‘As long as you wake up with me every time,'” said Adam Piergallini.

James B. Helms