Couple overjoyed after 3 days of searching for lost precious wedding ring in hospital ends successfully

A couple from Surrey, British Columbia, who spent days looking for a lost wedding ring, say they are delighted to have found the man who discovered the family heirloom on the floor of a local hospital.

“There are still amazing people out there who are ready to help and ready to go above and beyond and do whatever they can to help you. I’m so grateful,” said Betty Wise, who lost her ring at the Richmond Hospital last Tuesday.

Wise, 45, had gone to the hospital for an MRI and had the ring removed for the procedure.

She attached the ring to her wallet, but says she must have fallen off when she bought a lottery ticket on her way out of the hospital.

She says she didn’t find out the ring was missing until she got home.

“Oh, I felt like such a failure. The ring has been in my family since my grandmother…I just felt like I let my whole family down,” said Wise, who married Brett Wise in July 2016. .

Bretty and Betty Wise spent two days at the Richmond Hospital with signs asking for information about the lost ring. (Submitted by Betty Wise)

The couple spent the next two days in and around the hospital, holding signs and talking to people, asking if anyone had seen the ring.

Hospital staff arranged for the sages to review security footage and they found video of a man entering the hospital, looking at the floor and then picking something up.

“I didn’t know it was a wedding ring,” said Bryan Ghequiere, a Surrey resident who went to hospital to visit his 101-year-old mother.

“I thought it was just a key ring or something, so I was going to throw it aside. But I decided I better pick it up, someone might trip over it – and voila, it’s a covenant.”

“We all started to cry”

Ghequiere, 73, reported the ring to hospital security and left his name and number for anyone to contact while he kept the ring safe.

Eventually, the Sages learned of the message and called Ghequiere.

“We all started crying,” Brett Wise said of the moment they hooked up with Ghequiere.

Betty Wise with the man who found her lost wedding ring, Bryan Ghequiere, on Friday. (Submitted by Betty Wise)

The sages met Ghequiere and his wife Nancy in Surrey on Friday to get the ring. The Elders brought flowers for Ghequière’s wife and mother, as well as a card of gratitude.

“We just wanted to reward him and treat him with the ultimate respect…for coming up with something and doing something so brave and so honorable,” 49-year-old Brett Wise said.

The two couples ended up talking for about an hour. They plan to stay friends and go out to play golf together.

Ghequière said he was happy to have found the ring and to be able to return it. He said he did what he thought anyone else would have done.

“Yes, it was very satisfying,” he said. “A lot of times things get found and never come back to the right owner. It was a happy story. A happy ending.”

James B. Helms