Dallas man’s lost wedding ring found on Florida beach, returned thanks to remarkable coincidence

A diamond wedding ring lost on a Florida beach has been returned to its Dallas owner. In a rare coincidence, the woman who found it is also from North Texas.

Chris Ramirez and Charlotte Duffey were complete strangers, both living in North Texas, who crossed paths in a way that’s hard to believe.

Ramirez is the owner of Revamp Barber Studio. He and his wife, who works as a stylist, took a family vacation to Fort Lauderdale in June.

While he was at the beach, he made a big mistake.

“The water was a little choppy so I decided to take my ring off and put it in the diaper bag. As we left where we were sitting to walk back to the resort, the ring fell off. “one way or another. She ended up in the sand,” he said.

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He knew his chances were slim, but when he got back to Dallas, he said something told him to call the resort near the beach just to check.

“And they said they hadn’t received anything. Then, just before we hung up, the lady said, ‘Well, actually, someone found a ring at the beach'” , Ramirez said.

That someone was Duffey, a woman from Mansfield who was also vacationing in Florida.

She said she saw something glinting in the sand.

“I picked it up and said to my daughter, ‘Oh my God, it’s a wedding ring. I wonder if I can find out who it belongs to,” she said.

Her daughter didn’t think she could find the owner, but Duffey followed her instincts.

She’s been married for nearly 40 years, so she knew how important the ring could be to someone. She wanted to make sure it went to the rightful owner.

After letting the station know that she had found the ring, she gave them her information. Her plan was to mail it back to anyone who provided an accurate description of the ring and a photo to prove it was theirs.

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“I emailed it to her. We just matched the ring to the photos and of course that was it,” Ramirez said.

“I was shocked. It’s just another lesson my mom taught me in life. It worked out and then for them to be here in Dallas, I felt like it was God,” Duffey’s daughter, LaTosha Duffey, said.

It’s a good deed that proves that a little faith can do a lot.

“It feels good to know there are honest people out there. She could have easily found it and kept it to herself. The fact that she was honest is what’s important,” Ramirez said.

“It makes me feel good that there are still good people in the world, especially in the world we live in now,” added his wife, Marissa Ramirez.

FOX 4 was there when the two families first met and the ring was returned to its owner.

Ramirez said he was pretty sure he would never lose his ring again.

LaTosha Duffey is a famous DJ and reality TV star who travels the world. She said it’s a trip she won’t forget.

James B. Helms