General Hospital recap: Olivia and Ned renew their wedding vows

Lisa LoCicero

As of today general hospital recap: You are cordially invited to renew the wedding vows of Olivia Falconeri and Edward “Ned” Quartermaine. Regular Leo is back (again, why bother paying another actor for a scene that Leo didn’t need yesterday?) and ready for Ned and Olivia’s renewal ceremony.

Carly tells Drew she’s worried about Sonny and their issues ruining Olivia and Ned’s day. Drew tells Carly about the fight with Sonny at the Savoy and how he was acting erratically. Drew says Sonny was trying to buy out the club for the night.

Olivia is happy to see Sonny, but worries that he will be upset about his happy day. Sonny claims he and Carly will be back together in no time.

Laura is there to officiate the ceremony and checks in with Sonny. He promises her that things are better.

Sonny and Carly have a brief but awkward conversation. Michael checks in and Sonny promises everything is fine.

Dante and Chase discuss their work. The conversation turns to Sam and Dante admits things have slowed down with her since Drew’s return.

Tracy tells Laura that she is going home tonight and taking the Ice Princess with her.

Maxie tells Brook Lynn that Austin remembered hearing them talking the night Louise was born. She mentions the kiss and worries that Austin is messing things up. Brook Lynn wonders if Maxie is interested in Austin, but Maxie worries because she always lies to him.

Maxie thanks Tracy for keeping their secret.

Elsewhere, Austin asks Britt’s opinion on Maxie’s kiss and explains what happened in Pautauk. He mentions that his memory is messed up and Britt points out that it was a traumatic night. Austin brings up the vow renewal and Britt tells him he should go. Austin heads to the mansion as Brad arrives.

Britt tells Brad that Peter is going back to Pentonville. She asks if Aunt Selina plans to try to kill him again, but Brad has no idea. Britt admits she doesn’t care if Peter dies, she just wants him out of her hospital.

Willow asks Harmony for her birth certificate. She explains that she needs it to renew her passport and cannot find it online. Harmony promises to find her copy and bring it to Willow right away. Harmony looks worried.

Kristina visits Alexis and spots the gift Harmony gave her. Alexis promises that her friendship with Harmony is over, but Kristina says it wasn’t Sam to speak for her. Alexis asks about Kristina’s feelings regarding Harmony. Kristina admits that seeing Harmony reminds her of a bad time when she was naive and stupid. Kristina knows that Harmony was also a victim, but she is still disturbed. Alexis explains how helpful Harmony was while she was in prison. Kristina gives her blessing for Alexis to be friends with Harmony. Harmony shows up to talk to Alexis about Willow.

The renewal ceremony begins with Laura officiating. Olivia and Ned exchange vows and promise to love each other and raise Leo together. The two share a kiss. Monica congratulates Ned. Maxie tells Austin she’s surprised he came and he admits he wants to know some of his family. Austin also wants to know what the kiss meant to Maxie. Dante congratulates Olivia

Sonny’s secret with Ned before he left, which leads Olivia to question Ned. Ned says Sonny is planning something big for Carly, so Olivia warns Carly. Carly pulls Sonny aside to talk about her big plans.

Authorities arrive to place Tracy under arrest for criminal fraud and trafficking counterfeit goods. The agent says she faked the ice princess.

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