Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Reportedly ‘Elaborate’ Wedding Plan for the Not Too Distant Future

Jennifer lopez and Ben affleckThe relationship has accelerated this year after reuniting in April after a 17-year gap. Bennifer’s return has many fans who speculate that an engagement is in their future, but the couple could get a head start on everyone else and plan their wedding.

A source said Us weekly that even if a proposal has not yet taken place, marriage talks take place between the duo. And when they get to the altar for real this time (last time it was canceled a few days ago), it’ll be a total celebration. “Ben and Jen want their marriage to be an elaborate declaration of their love affair for their friends and family,” the insider revealed. “They really want [everyone] have a good time. ”It makes it look like it’s going to be a huge wedding, but Lopez and Affleck would prefer an“ intimate ”event that will be“ immaculate ”(meaning the J.Lo touch will be fully active).

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In November, Lopez admitted to Hoda Kotb on the Today’s show that she was ready to remarry. “I don’t know,” she laughed. “Yeah I guess. You know me, I’m a romantic, I’ve always been, a few times. I still believe in happiness forever, of course, 100%. Of course, the pop star is also heavily promoting his upcoming Valentine’s Day movie, Marry me, then she might be having wedding thoughts on her brain.

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And Affleck reflects on the “second chances as a human being” he has been given this year. He told the WSJ Magazine, “Life is difficult, and we always fail and hopefully learn from those failures. The only thing you really need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this growth is the second chance. I really tried to take advantage of it. For Bennifer 2.0, 2022 could finally bring the wedding of their dreams and their happiness forever.

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Kate Middleton Prince William Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez "Celebrity couple who got back together"

Kate Middleton, Prince William Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, “Celebrity Couples Who Got Back Together”

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