Jimmy Kimmel and Josh Duhamel “Wedding Vows” Workout Session for Audra Is Truly Hilarious

Josh Duhamel, who plays an unusually handsome bank robber in his upcoming film “Bandits,” appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! showing off his shins as he spoiled his $2,000 suit. The 49-year-old American actor has been busy with wedding preparations with his fiancée, former Miss World America Audra Mari. He even asked Jimmy for his wedding vows.

The North Dakota Model

Jimmy started the conversation by asking Josh Duhamel about his wedding plans with Audra Mari. “I know you just got engaged. I don’t know when you’re getting married but it could be a nice outfit for the wedding, ”he said, showing his ribbed pants.

After a few jokes about his attractive dress code, Jimmy said, “I read about you and your fiancée Audra, she was Miss North Dakota, you’re from North Dakota, she’s from North Dakota, how are you- did you meet in North Dakota, or was it a weird connection with North Dakota. Josh revealed there was no such thing and they didn’t meet in North Dakota.

However, he mentioned that he knew who she was and kinda followed her around. Jimmy asked her, “Did she know you were following her?” Josh thought it best to ask the lady who was sitting right there in the audience. Yes, Josh was with his fiancee at the Jimmy Kimmel show. As for how they met, Josh and Audra were introduced by mutual friends and were first seen together in 2019.

Asked about the wedding plans, Josh revealed that they are getting married soon. He told Jimmy, “I was going to invite you to the wedding but you checked in with your people so you weren’t available.” Jimmy revealed that his son just got married last weekend, so he’s become a pro at planning weddings.

As for Josh’s wedding plans, he praised Audra, saying, “I have to be honest, she did it all. I’ve just been busy most of the time, but she’s much more organized than me and a much better planner. So yes, Audra takes care of everything.

Jimmy’s wedding vows workout

Jimmy Kimmel asked Josh, “Do you want to write your own wedding vows?” Josh replied, “Well, that’s the only thing I have to do okay, I can’t write them for myself, I haven’t done that yet.” He then asked Jimmy, “Did you write your vows?” Jimmy replied “Yes” and then advised Josh on the same.

Jimmy said, “It’s better when only the guy gives them to you or the person who marries you.” He also said that his wife had cheated on him saying, “Don’t joke, you can’t make a joke of it, it’s a serious thing”, and so Jimmy made all the serious wishes and all his were jokes.

Josh revealed that it’s his biggest fear and he doesn’t know what he really wants to write, obviously he wants them to be sincere, but as a comedian, you just have to throw a few jokes to relax the atmosphere. Jimmy offered him a practice session. Jimmy said he would play Miss North Dakota.

Well, role play is sure to happen when two comedians come together. Josh says, “Audra, I’m a better man with you and I promise to be a better man, better husband and better friend…Jimmy interrupts her and says, ‘She’s going to say no. Josh then decides to bring a joke.

He revealed that Audra was a bit younger than him, so he felt the need to make a joke about it…Jimmy interrupted him again and said, “Audra, when I bought you cookies Girls Scout for the first time…” The audience burst into laughter as Audra hid her face. Jimmy continued: “I’ve been to these Samoas that I know…

Here, Josh remembered his college basketball teammate, Bart Manson. He said they were the same age, then later found out he was teaching Audra in high school. He learned this when he started dating Audra. Now it’s unavoidable because she’s only 28!

When Josh continued, “she’s much more responsible and organized,” Jimmy joked that it sounded more like a job application than a wish. Jimmy made another joke and said, “It’s your marriage that worries me.” Although the two couldn’t write serious wishes, we hope Audra gets the best on the big day.

Bandit based on a real story…

Jimmy sped up the conversation by talking about Josh Duhamel’s upcoming movie “Bandit.” He said, “Tell me about this movie because it’s such a fascinating character that you have here because not only is he a real guy, how many banks has this guy robbed. Josh spontaneously replied, “59 banks in a row and he was notorious… getting disgusted, he started out knowing he must like to dress up and get away with it fast.

Josh revealed that when he spoke to this guy before they started shooting he said if I knew if I could I would leave, if I could I would come out in 30 seconds and completely change clothes and disappear into the crowd. . This is how the guy became a “master of disguise”.

If you don’t know, Bandit is based on the true story of Gilbert Galvan Jr., known as “The Flying Bandit”. He managed to escape from a prison in Michigan in 1984 and crossed the Canadian border.

There he robbed over 59 banks and jewelry stores, beating the police task force each time. For your information, Galvan holds the record for the most consecutive flights in Canadian history. Josh plays the character Galvan in the upcoming Bandit movie, which is set to premiere September 23, 2022.

James B. Helms