PUBLIC’S POINT OF VIEW! Trends of On-Screen Couples Renewing Wedding Vows on TV Shows No Longer Make Sense

Mumbai: Television is one such medium that entertains a large part of the audience on a daily basis.

Daily soaps are a part of our lives and they are not only popular in our country but also in various parts of the world.

Well, times have changed a lot now and we are seeing improvements in the content being produced on TV.

However, the saas-bahu sagas that were popular back then are still in high demand and a large portion of viewers prefer to watch them.

Additionally, we are also seeing viewers wanting to explore new types of content on television, which is why creators are experimenting with many different stories.

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However, the most common trend that has been followed by most TV dramas over the past few years is for the lead couple to renew their wedding vows not once or twice, but even more than that.

Many TV shows have witnessed these tracks where the couple who break up for some reason get together and the creators introduce a track where they remarry.

This trend has been followed by several TV shows that only add a glamorous quotient and extend the storyline for a few weeks.

However, the viewers got quite smart and understood the tactics of the makers.

Ardent viewers who regularly watch these daily soap operas have different opinions on the same topic.

Smita Jaiswal said, “I think it’s a hit formula to get the show back on track, especially when the TRPs go down.”

Pallavi Banerjee said, “The trend is pretty successful even now, but it’s not fun anymore. Viewers already know that this track will be introduced on the show sooner or later.”

Ashmita Dhawan says, “Such tracks become less important as creators drag them out for weeks introducing unwanted plot twists.”

Deepti Shah said, “I think the creators introduce these tracks just for fun, because they don’t have a great storyline to impress the viewers.”

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