Renew your wedding vows? 5 things you should know – including the cost

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The tastes of Tess daly and Vernon Kay, Emma and Matt Willis, and Gino D’Acampo and his wife Jessica have all chosen to renew their marriage vows. But how is it different from a regular wedding ceremony?

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From the legalities involved to the rings and the costs, take a look at everything you need to know if you’re thinking of saying ‘yes’ for the second time …

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What is a renewal of vows?

You might be wondering what a renewal of vows that’s if a couple has ever vowed to spend the rest of their lives together in front of their friends and family.

However, many married couples choose to hold a second celebratory ceremony to reaffirm their commitment and love for each other, especially if they are approaching an anniversary marking like 10 or 25 years together. It is becoming increasingly popular in the wake of the pandemic which has seen many people alter their wedding plans – whether that is reducing the guest list to comply with government guidelines or abandoning their marriage. destination for nearby locations.

What are the legalities for renewing your vows?


There is no legality for a renewal of vows

In short, there is none! Unlike the initial wedding, there are no real restrictions on place or ceremony (religious or not!), Which can include poetry, readings, speeches, music, gift exchange or something personal.

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Jeweler Tim Ingle from Ingle & Rhode said: “After a flurry of covid weddings and restricted ceremonies, we expect vow renewal ceremonies to be on the rise, giving married couples a chance to experience their true dream weddings with all their family and friends in bigger and more extravagant places.

Whatever the couple choose to do on this day, it’s important to remember that vow renewals can be extremely personal and don’t come with many restrictions imposed by weddings, giving the couple some creative freedom. total on their special day. “

How much does a vow renewal cost?


Costs depend on factors such as location, date and any decorations the couple want

Those who marry in 2022 can expect to shell out around £ 20,493 on average, according to, but this number should not be as high for renewal ceremonies.

Search by American Express in 2017, found that 19% of Britons were planning or had already renewed their vows with an average spend of £ 1,644. Londoners are the most likely to have a second marriage, while Liverpudlians spend the most with costs around £ 2,285.

Obviously, the costs depend on the location, the rings, the date and other factors. For example, a renewal of vows in York House, Twickenham a Saturday costs £ 248, while The Grand Council Chamber at Bristol Register Office a Saturday is priced at £ 947.

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Do you need new alliances for a renewal of vows?

Although not necessary, many ceremonies include the re-inauguration of covenants. Many people can use the celebration as an opportunity to upgrade their original ring with a new engraving or to purchase a new ring entirely. Here are some of our favorites …


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wedding set

Small Micropaved and Classic Wedding Ring with Optional Engraving, £ 1,676.88, Blue Nile


What is the dress code for a renewal of vows?


Emma and Matt Willis have renewed their wedding vows on their tenth anniversary

The dress code depends on the formality of the celebration chosen by the couple. The bride and groom can choose to wear a different version of their wedding attire – or as Emma Willis, ask all their guests to wear a wedding dress or a tuxedo!

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