Sarah and John B.’s wedding vows on Outer Banks season 2 are Adorbs

When it comes to the best fictional couples ever, there are plenty of teen drama duets you can’t help but love. Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. Varchy and Bughead from Riverdale. And, of course, John B. and Sarah from External banks. Not only is their on-screen romance painfully cute, but the actors’ IRL connection is even more so. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was the impossible-to-ignore chemistry and real-life romance of Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes that made Sarah and John B’s wedding vows. External banks Season 2 one of the best TV moments of 2021. I said what I said.

Warning: Spoilers for External banks Season 2, Episode 3 follow. After having a whirlwind romance in Season 1 and narrowly escaping death on several occasions, it makes sense that John B. and Sarah have a pretty strong bond. Add in the fact that some major Romeo and Juliet vibes are happening (she’s a Pogue and she was a Kook, after all), and the two main endgame elements.

They are so late in the game, in fact, that they decided to get married at the end of Season 2, Episode 3. After stealing a boat and escaping the Bahamas, Sarah – who was recovering from a bullet that almost killed her – told John B. she wanted to get married (after bringing up the idea in the first episode and she turned it down).


Since they had no rings, John B. tore off a piece of his father’s handkerchief and wrapped it around Sarah’s neck like a necklace. Then, in the moonlight and with no plan in place, the two shared these incredible wishes that absolutely must be incorporated into your future marriage:

John B: “I give you this sweaty piece of my father’s bandana as a token of my love.”

Sarah: “By the power bestowed upon me, by the sky, the stars and the sea, I now declare to us husband and wife.”

Jean B. “By disease and health. Rich and poor. “Until death do us part. “

Sarah: “You can kiss your wife. “

*Lots of love*

After the kiss, Sarah asked John B. if they could have a dog, which should absolutely be a requirement for any marriage. But, since the marriage was technically not ~ legal ~ and Sarah did not have a ring (she said she wanted a princess or emerald cut but “never pear shaped”) or a dog, I thinks that means a potential third season will have to happen for fans to secure a Kook-worthy marriage for the true members of Pogue’s royals. Your move, Netflix.

Season 2 of External banks is now streaming on Netflix.

James B. Helms