The alliance returns home after a local woman finds it in her grocery bag

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – This is the story of a lost ring and its recovery after a local woman made a delivery and realized her wedding ring was missing.

“I cried forever that night. Like, for days after that,” Michelle May said.

May delivers groceries through the Spark app. On January 6, she delivered an additional item that was not on the list.

“I hold it with my thumb all the time…and I knew I had it and when I walked in, [but] I went to adjust it and noticed it was gone,” May said.

Panicked, she retraces her steps.

“I’ve been to every Walmart I’ve delivered to and from all day, and no one returned it and no one found it,” May said.

From there it was a waiting game, so May said she took her case to Facebook.

Fast forward eight days later, and she couldn’t believe the news.

“I went to get an order here and one of the gentlemen with a paper said, ‘Did you lose a ring? and I panicked. [I] jumped out of the car and said, ‘Yes, I lost my ring!’ He said, ‘Well, this lady claims she found it and gave me a piece of paper with her name on it,'” May explained.

The lady who found the ring wants to remain anonymous, but in a statement to WMBD she said she tried to do everything she could to bring the ring back in May. She said she misplaced her wedding ring years ago and knew the pain she felt, so giving it back was the only right thing to do.

“She was very honest and gave it back. She made the effort. She said it took eight days because it took her a long time to pass, so I mean she’s a good person. People are lucky to have him in their lives,” May said.

May said that before this whole situation, she and her partner were going to take the rings off and get new ones. She said she had lost a lot of weight since their engagement and that’s why the ring is so loose.

“I feel like I just got remarried, my ring is back!” May said, wiping away her tears of joy.

James B. Helms