The missing wedding ring “lost at sea” returns to the owner on his birthday

When Jenny Urquhart lost her 17-year-old wedding ring at the beach, she thought maybe she was gone forever – until a nice stranger made contact.

Jenny Urquhart was devastated when she first lost her wedding ring

A woman who was devastated after losing her wedding ring in the sea while surfing has finally been reunited – on her wedding anniversary.

Jenny Urquhart, 45, lost her white gold ring, donated by her husband Stuart, at Saunton Sands in Devon in May and wondered if she would ever see it again.

She was riding waist high when she dropped the ring, trying to put it in her wetsuit pocket.

Jenny said, “I realized that I still had my wedding rings and my wedding rings.

“I tried to take them off and managed to put my engagement ring in my pocket – but my wedding ring failed and went to the bottom of the sea.

Jenny thought she might never see her ring again when she lost it on the beach


Jenny Urquhart / SWNS)

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“I just thought that was it, he was going to be swallowed by a big fish.”

After calling their friends to help them find him, the group realized it was a lost cause after about five minutes of searching.

However, not wanting to give up hope, she drew a drawing of the ring and took it to all the beach cafes and asked anyone who had seen her to contact her.

Jenny and Stuart were stunned when Mark, the metal detector, made contact


Jenny Urquhart / SWNS)

She also made an appeal on social media in hopes that anyone who may have seen the ring will contact her.

She wrote: “I lost my wedding ring in the sea at Saunton Sands on Friday May 7th.

“It’s white gold (silver color) and I watched it float to the bottom in 2 feet of water. PLEASE, PLEASE.”

And 11 weeks later, Jenny got a message from a metal detector called Mark with some amazing news.

Jenny posted a photo online of where she lost the ring, alongside a drawing


Jenny Urquhart / SWNS)

Not only had Mark seen her call, he had also found her ring.

And the date he chose to break the good news to Jenny was a very special occasion for her and her husband – though she might not quite remember it.

She said: “Metal detectors find rings all the time, but the chances of finding them were incredible.

“I showed my husband Mark’s message and he said it was our anniversary – I had completely forgotten!”

She added, “Because I designed the earring, it’s a really specific shape, and I knew it was definitely mine.

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“Stuart looked as amazed as I did. It’s just one thing, it’s not a very valuable ring – but losing it was really heartbreaking.

“I am so grateful. “

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