The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades ‘Imperfect’ Wedding Ring for Glamorous Fiancee Lisa

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Jay blades turned to his companion The repair shop star Master Goldsmith Richard Talman to create his fiancée Lisa Zbozen’s engagement ringit is therefore no surprise that he entrusts her with their wedding bands.

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Lisa shared the progress of their creation, starting with raw silver rings transformed into gold rings with sentimental meanings. “I opted for an imperfect alliance because nothing is perfect,” she told her Instagram followers.

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Richard created a “rounded” and “textured” ring for Lisa, explaining how the design process makes their rings unique. In a video he said: “Making this pattern is actually done by melting the metal almost to the point of turning into a ball and it’s when the metal shimmers on the surface that we get this type of pattern – we get it. call cross-linking.

“Based on that, you can never get the same thing twice.”

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Lisa showed off her wedding band created by Richard Talman of The Repair Shop

While they were originally silver, he added that he would turn them into a striking yellow gold. “What I’m planning to do with these guys, because you can only really get that fusion effect on money, I’m going to take the molds of those – obviously only you’ll have those rings,” Richard said.

Lisa later revealed that the couple decided to place their birthstones inside the bands, where they would not be visible to the public.

The couple’s wedding rings both feature their birthstones and “our stone”

She went on to show off the purple amethyst which represented Jay’s birthday in February, the blue topaz which symbolized her own special day in November and a third red ruby ​​for July which she said was “our stone” – perhaps. be to mark the day they became a couple or their planned wedding date.

Sharing a preview of the near-finished result, jewelry expert Richard said both bands looked textured on the outside while both were polished on the inside. Lisa’s three stones were aligned inside a rectangle, with the ruby ​​stone in the middle, while Jay’s formed a triangle with the red stone above.

Jay and Lisa announced their engagement in December 2021

Jay was previously married to his ex-wife, Jade, with whom he shares a daughter called Zola, but they separated in 2015. After announced their engagement to Lisa in December 2021, the TV star revealed Richard’s stunning handmade engagement ring for his fiancée, which featured a round diamond flanked by clusters of marquise diamonds on a platinum or white gold band.

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