Vicky Kaushal’s alliance costs a bomb, but it’s peanuts compared to Katrina’s | Newsondot

Considering that Vicky and Katrina spent a fortune on their wedding, one would assume that their wedding attire would cost a bomb as well.

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Well, such an assumption would be correct.

The rings that Vicky and Katrina exchanged while taking their vows as husband and wife were truly stunning.

Vicky and Katrina both used rings from Tiffany & Co., an American luxury jeweler based in New York City.

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While Katrina’s ring has become the talk of the town, thanks to its immaculate appearance and the beauty of its design and stones, Vicky’s wedding ring shook people up because of its simplicity. Let’s take a look at Vicky’s wedding ring.

katrina kaif alliance
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The ring Vicky chose is a classic piece and has a very clean design from the house of Tiffany’s, and is called the wedding ring. Although the alliance is available in two versions, Vicky chose the 6mm version which, thanks to its width, seems quite heavy.

vicky kaushal alliance
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Vicky’s ring is made of platinum and has a mirror finish. The interior has a brushed finish and comes with a personalized engraving.

The wedding ring Vicky chose for himself starts at $ 2,200, or Rs 1.66 Lakhs. However, that doesn’t hold a piece candle that Katrina chose.

Katrina’s ring, on the other hand, is technically an engagement ring from Tiffany’s Soleste collection. The ring is in platinum and has a 2 carat tanzanite in the center, and is surrounded by a double row of round cut diamonds.

Vicky Kaushal's wedding ring is very expensive
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Guys, if you are thinking of giving your partner the same ring as Katrina’s, be prepared to shell out. The Soleste starts at $ 9,800, or around Rs 7.45 Lakhs.

vicky kaushal alliance
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If you think about it, Vicky went for a rather understated and simplistic ring and something that guys can actually afford, if they choose to save. It’s an elegant and timeless ring, if you ask us.

James B. Helms