WOW ! Aditya and Ginni are about to take their wedding vows

Bombay: Star Bharat has always been eager to offer something new to its viewers whether it is fiction or non-fiction shows and audiences have always embraced the concept of these shows. Star Bharat is back with a new drama series and is now preparing to entertain audiences with her new show “Channa Mereya”.

Ginni learns that Aditya won’t be ready to leave Simran at any cost and he won’t tell the real reason behind it to Ginni.

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We saw it earlier, Aditya and Ginni share the enmity but slowly things become normal between them. Meanwhile, Aditya agrees to marry Simran as soon as he learns of her pregnancy. However, Ginni doesn’t let this happen as she knows that Simran is Goldie’s wife. And so, the big twist comes next in the series when Aditya marries Ginni.

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In the upcoming episodes, the audience will be delighted to see Aditya and Ginni’s wedding track after which an exciting love track has yet to begin between the duo.

Stay tuned and keep reading for more exciting and spicy updates on Star Bharat Channa Mereya show.

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