Yara reveals why she doesn’t wear her wedding ring

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After couple Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren have teased divorce in the past, and now Yara’s bare ring finger is raising questions.

90 day fiance Star Yara Zaya not wearing the wedding ring her husband Jovi Dufren gave her is fueling recent rumors that she is divorcing. Yara, 27, who made her debut on 90 day fiance season 8 in 2021, has since married Jovi and shares a baby girl Mylah with him. Yara complained about Jovi’s demanding job, obsession with strip clubs, and bachelor lifestyle during his first two seasons, and even threatened him to return to Kyiv if he left. refused to change. But just when Instagram hinted that things had improved between Jovi and Yara, it revealed that they weren’t out of their rough patch yet.


On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 7, Jovi recounted having to “babysither own child while Yara went to meet her friends at a club. Since arriving in America, Yara’s only friend was Gwen, Jovi’s mother. When Jovi was away for his month-long work engagement, Yara was stuck at home alone. Now that he’s back home, Ukrainian-born fashionista Yara wants to hang out with his like-minded friends. But Jovi saw things with hesitation now that Yara had put herself in his shoes. Jovi came across as a hypocrite and gave the impression that he considered taking care of his own daughter some kind of chore.

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Fans can imagine Jovi and Yara going their separate ways in the future, and when they started noticing she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, many followers assumed the worst had happened. After Happy forever? episode 1, Yara decided to answer some fan questions. “Why don’t you ever wear your wedding ring?” the 90 day fiance viewer asked Yara. She posted a photo of herself taken at the beach as the background for her explanation. She confessed”Because when I was pregnant, due to swelling, I had to cut my rings with pliers.

It looks like Yara broke her ring when she was pregnant in 2020, even before she starred in 90 day fiance. Yara now plans to have it repaired. However, Yara expects Jovi to give her a new ring during their “next marriage.“Recently, Yara confessed to wanting to remarry. Yara does not upload any photos from her Las Vegas wedding to Instagram. When asked if anything was bothering her, 90 day fiance star Yara revealed that she didn’t really like the photos from her wedding ceremony, which looked “smeared.” Also, Yara was not a big fan of her hairstyle and even her dress. Yara now wants to redo her marriage to Jovi to make sure everything is perfect.

Many TLC viewers openly agree that they weren’t fans of Yara when they first saw her on 90 day fiance. But over time, Yara slowly became a fan favorite thanks to her humor and wit. Also, viewers can’t seem to support half of the cast members on the 90 day fiance spin-off, and Jovi and Yara appear to be the most watchable and unproblematic. But fans find Yara’s new friends toxic because they told Yara to leave Jovi and go find an older man instead. As Jovi and Yara’s friends Adele and Cymphony continue to come under fire online, this may just be Yara’s only chance to fully redeem herself on 90 day fiance.

Source: Yara Zaya/Instagram

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